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Repair Instead of Replace O&M Costs


At Aegis Onshore Services we understand that optimizing performance of wind farms is a valuable, but a complex and multifaceted responsibility. From safety and reliability-centered maintenance principles, to utilizing smart technologies through a skilled workforce, Aegis Onshore’s comprehensive service solutions provide a turnkey approach for true operational efficiency. We’re a reliable, world-class leader in wind farm equipment maintenance and support services. Our extensive experience means we understand how people, processes and technologies make the difference in service and repair efficiency.

With a wide variety of domain specific specialties, some of the world’s leading companies count on our expertise to minimize production downtime and drive improved profitability. By offering our customers wide and cost-effective range of valuable multi-domain solutions, we ensure that your machine operates smoothly. It takes a combination of multi-asset engineering disciplines, intelligent fleet analytics and drive to find solutions where others only see problems. Our repair solutions are based on extensive field experience, quality, innovation, and timely execution. With Aegis as your service partner, you can be confident that your turbine will be back in optimal operating mode as fast as possible after any repair solution.

We have the people, capabilities and vision to service the components critical to your turbines’ performance. Our comprehensive service offerings are comprised of five foundational components that provide integrated value and measurable improvements to your wind asset operation. With extensive experience in large corrective work and Cat-5 blade repair Aegis has developed this foundation based on real-life situations, with tactics that are proven to produce results. Our services are designed to ensure our customers attain optimal productivity through decreased downtime and greater efficiency, resulting in higher profitability.

  • Safety & Accountability

Honesty and Integrity are part of who we are. Our people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment, and their dedication to safety and customer service is our greatest strength.

  • Multi-Asset Engineering Disciplines and Specialists

The foundation of our service and performance is built to keep the skills gap from disrupting our customers’ success. Aegis Onshore places brilliant technologists in the field, empowering them to gather on-the-ground insights that maximize impact for every solution and every customer.

  • Best Practices

We continually evaluate and standardize the current state of our service specialists, repair processes, tooling and equipment to align with industry leading best practices.

  • Smart Technologies

Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage. Working closely with our specialist and engineering teams, these experts ensure we build technology with unparalleled precision, striking the perfect blend of quality and flexibility every time.

  • Integrated Mixed Asset Service

By approaching MAS from a reliability standpoint, Aegis Onshore Services has saved companies millions of dollars, while decreasing downtime and improving site availability.