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What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is systematic management of health, safety, environment, efficiency and reliability to achieve World-Class performance. OE is ensuring that the each one of our team members, including those we work with, return home safely at the end of each day, environments we work in are protected, and our operations are safe, efficient and reliable.

Our OE Vision

Aegis’s OE Vision is to operate at the highest level of safety in all aspects of the business at a World-Class level. At this level, we require our team to be better than our top competitors. Our safety and operational performance is a result of how we conduct our work each day.  Performance speaks much louder than we can describe our company’s commitment to OE.

Why is OE important to Aegis?

When we perform the job with excellence, we protect ourselves, our coworkers, and the environment.  Conducting the job with excellence means fewer operational upsets, more efficient operations, and less costs associated with disruptions or incidents. 

Using a systematic approach to OE in combination with a culture where everyone believes zero injuries is attainable, at the current industry growth, we can contribute millions in savings over the long term as performance elevates to world-class levels. 

Our journey to incident free operations and a world-class safety culture is built upon many of the existing fundamentals of our company such as the vision and values of Aegis. Our goal is to build world-class organizational aptitude in Operational Excellence, Cost Reduction, Capital Stewardship, and Profitable Growth. Our objective starts with Operational Excellence in order to achieve this goal.