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Striving for excellence and to continuously improve the process by which we provide services.

One of our most valued commitments to the safety of our employees is providing quality training. We developed a high level of safety training and also provide GWO certified training according to the topics included in the GWO program for our employees. Field audits are conducted to ensure training is retained and refreshed before employees are re-trained prior to the renewal of training certifications. We understand providing proper training for our team is the most important key in getting them home to their families safely. As we review new industry requirements and learn from our team about potential improvements, we are continuously enhancing our training to be the leader in the renewable energy sector.


• GWO Basic Safety Training

• GWO Advance Rescue Training

• Crane Signal and Rigger

• Confined Space

• OSHA-10

• NFPA-70e

• Rope Access Certified: IRATA/SPRAT

Aegis Safety Statement

Safety is not just how we conduct our daily field operations; it is engrained in every aspect of our business.  Company procedures, policies, training, pre-job meetings, post job debriefs, inspections, QA/QC processes, communications, job execution and completions include the highest levels of safety. Knowing Aegis employees are the greatest asset of our company, we are committed to protecting every individual regardless of the cost.

Behavioral-Based Safety

In every industry around the world, 95% of incidents are caused by behaviors while the remaining 5% are things outside of our control (i.e. Mother Nature, catastrophes). In our mission to prevent injuries and incidents from occurring, we have adopted a Behavioral-Based Safety Program. Our program includes training all of our employees on the aspects of behavioral-based safety.

The goal of our program is to achieve a Total Safety Culture where each employee:

  • Holds safety as a value
  • Feels responsible for the safety of their coworkers as well as themselves
  • Is willing and able to go “beyond the call of duty” on the behalf of the safety of others
  • Routinely performs actively caring and/or safety behaviors for the benefit of others

Each employee is required to conduct a behavioral-based safety observation on their coworkers in manner that is transparent by conducting a feedback to discourage at-risk behaviors while encouraging safe behaviors to achieve a Total Safety Culture. The observer and observee problem-solve “on the spot” to identify improvement activities.

An analysis of metrics are conducted on observation data to identify trends and gaps in behaviors for review with the workforce for gap closure methods.


Dropped Object Prevention Program

In our efforts to improve safety while working at heights, we developed a dropped objects prevention program from our Drop Prevention Policy that we are proud of.  Since we believe that fall prevention for tools and equipment is equivalent to personal fall prevention for each individual’s safety, we educate our employees along with providing them the tools to secure and prevent potential dropped objects.  While assessing tools and equipment used up tower to provide the best method for securement, we encourage our employees to constantly identify opportunities for improvement. Stopping drops protects people, the environment, and reduces cost. We Stop Drops.