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Multi-Domain Service Solutions


Aegis offers multi-domain services for mixed-asset fleets. Our services range from Category-5 D level blade repairs and large corrective services to fixed-price, fully modular site-wide service contracts and integrated asset management solutions. Our service lifecycle management teams integrate customer data with our robust operations and service capabilities. The result is a mixed-asset multi-domain service solution that is safe, reliable, delivered on-time, and consistently operating at peak performance, with intelligent maintenance that improves in-field asset utilization.

As a leader in multi-domain service work, Aegis is positioned on the leading edge of highly technical repair solutions. Our interdisciplinary service teams tackle the onshore wind industry’s most critical challenges from all angles. We have the people, capabilities, and vision to meet complex challenges with advanced repair solutions designed for each manufacturers’ technology’s specifications. Working in agile environments, our engineers push the limits of what is possible: exploring new ideas, challenging conventions, and driving true innovation together. Our people consistently rise to this challenge. We are transforming the latest technologies into domain-driven solutions that deliver superior operational efficiency and performance for our customers. Each repair or service solution is tailored to our customers’ evolving demands and the current market reality, as well as continually optimized to shape service coordination, project management, and operational continuity assurance.

With intelligent service work, Aegis Onshore brings the best in research and technical skills development. Combined with our domain expertise to amplify the development of next-generation mixed-asset solutions, Aegis can serve as a single partner and single point of contact to service your mixed-asset fleet and optimize your investment.